APG Announces Launch of New Website

The Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) has announced the launch of its new website on March 27, 2020.

David McDonald, President of APG, wrote:

The new website is live! After more than four years’ HARD work by our committee, the new APG site is here. We are grateful for your forbearance as we have worked diligently and carefully to create a new member-management system and web presence for the Association.

THANK YOU for your patience, support, and encouragement. We are grateful for your willingness to let us get this right, even if it was a bit longer in process than any of us could have imagined in 2016 when this discussion really got rolling.

Given our often-housebound situations in the moment, we are hopeful that this new website will give you and the Association a bolster amidst the challenges of the day.

Check your email inbox for the full message from President McDonald along with instructions on resetting your password, reviewing your member profile, setting profile privacy settings, and more.

CLICK HERE to view the new APG website.