NJ-APG Survey Deadline Set for June 1st

Members of the New Jersey Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists received an email last month with a link to a survey via Survey Monkey that will explore current research rates of professional genealogists throughout the state. If you are a member of NJ-APG and are currently accepting clients, please complete the survey by the deadline: Monday, June 1st. Your assistance in this project is very much appreciated. Additional information on the survey is provided below by NJ-APG’s Survey Project team.

The goal of the survey is to establish a proposed range of consideration for professional genealogy services in NJ by compiling data received from survey of APG members living in NJ who are currently accepting clients.

By compiling current rates of professional genealogists across the state of NJ, and providing visibility of the average range of hourly charges, non-binding guidance and education can be offered to individual professionals, especially those new to the industry, who are unsure of what is considered to be a reasonable hourly fee. Education within professional genealogical organizations will foster recognition of the value of professional genealogical services. The result will be fair rates that reflect the skills, expertise and efforts of our members, while encouraging our members to provide value consistent with their rates.

The NJ-APG recognizes this project as an opportunity to advance our profession by collaborating to collect and share information on this hazy topic. Alignment within professional genealogical organizations will support an overall increase in value of professional services by promoting fair rates that reflect the skills, expertise and efforts of our members.

– Project Team: Mary Szaro, Christine Murphy, Betty DeSapio and Chris Tracy