Call for Recommendations for 2021 APG Board of Directors and Nominations Committee

On Monday, August 31, 2020 APG members received a call for recommendations for the 2021 APG Board of Directors and the Nominations Committee from APG National. The deadline for nominations is 15 September 2020.

The notice read as follows:

The annual APG election will be held in October. Here is an opportunity to participate in decisions and goals of the organization.

The APG Nominations Committee urges all members to recommend candidates to serve on the Board of Directors, plus two members of the Nominations Committee. Deadline for recommendations is 15 September 2020. 

Under our bylaws six persons will be elected to serve a two-year term on the Board of Directors beginning 1 January 2021. The election is intended to be competitive, with approximately a dozen candidates for the six available positions.

Two of the three-person Nominations Committee are elected by the membership and they nominate candidates for the 2021 election.

You may recommend yourself. Recommendations should be sent to the Nominations Committee at with the subject line of RECOMMENDATION FOR APG ELECTION. Please include each recommended person’s contact information, your statement that the person consents to be recommended, and a statement of the person’s qualifications.

Board members must be APG members in good standing who joined before 1 August 2019. Board members should understand the association’s goals and procedures and have a strong interest in the welfare of APG and professional genealogists worldwide. The About Us, Code of Ethics, and Continuing Education sections of the APG website can provide guidance in this area, as can articles in the APG Quarterly and APG eNews.  

See for a list of current board members. The election will be held in October. Board members should:

  • Be familiar with our bylaws. See
  • Make an effort to attend at least one, and preferably both, of the two in-person board meetings each year, plus the two or three virtual board meetings. All board meetings will be virtual in 2021. Travel-related expenses to attend the board meetings are reimbursed.  
  • Come prepared to board meetings, having read all minutes and communications.
  • Respond by required due dates to email votes.
  • Serve in at least one capacity besides that of board member, e.g., service on a committee.
  • Volunteer at the APG booth when in attendance at a conference.
  • Maintain contact and communicate with the membership in some of the following ways: talk to other members to seek opinions, concerns, and ideas; contribute to the APG Quarterly or the APG eNews; participate in APG Group discussions; join a chapter or Special Interest Group.